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Inspired by Changmin’s solo, Confession.

Despite his sharp wits and tough exterior, Changmin is a big softie. He breaks easily and still retains an innocence that he’d tucks safely behind locked, thick iron-like walls. He thinks this trait as a lethal weakness and he reinforces his emotion with all sort of defenses; leading to his difficulty in trusting people.

 His heart is still as big as it was eight years ago, only that it had attained bruises and scars; some deep and healed, some don’t. His mind is still as open and naïve as he was fourteen and ambitious; only it had been tattered with tragedies and painful memories that had turned him wary and bitter. Yunho knows that one of Changmin’s best attributes is his ability to love and care so deeply and he also knows of how Changmin detests this particular trait of his.

Yunho remembers this;  he had seen how fierce Changmin protects his family and friends. He had seen how Changmin learns and explores means to ensure their safety, he had shielded his family well, tucked them in a safe cocoon, afraid of letting them hurt. Yunho knows that Changmin is more than willing to accept any Yunho remembers the form of agony—as long as his loved ones are spared.

Yunho also remembers the anguish cries and lashes he’d heard behind closed doors one terrible day, when he’d returned to an empty apartment, with Changmin locking himself inside his room. Changmin didn’t know he was back, he’d probably though he was still reasoning with their management or their three friends –Yunho didn’t knew which situation Changmin had believed—and Yunho had froze when he heard his painful weep and his groans of anger and he turned an blind eye when Changmin cleaned his room later that night.

Changmin sits beside him, his lips purse in a tight concentration and his eyes heavy. He had returned home last night with a wan smile and a stack of beer cans, muttering ‘I’ve broken up with her.’ He went on saying on how he had expected the relationship was going to end and Yunho sat there, abandoning his musical script as he listened. This morning he finds Changmin grumbling before his laptop, musing over their new lyrics and he receives teases and that familiar smirk of Changmin’s but Yunho knows.

Despite his assurances and his grins, Changmin is quite broken inside. He’d mentioned before to the five of them that he’d been thinking of being with her forever; making Yoochun to laugh and said he was drunk, initiating Junsu to wail on how he hadn’t meet Changmin’s girlfriend yet, leaving Jaejoong and Yunho to coo and pinch his cheeks.

Yunho glances at his dongsaeng, catching the glaze on his eyes when their producer plays the demo music again. He smiles and takes the fresh notebook their managers and producer had placed earlier at the table. Changmin watches him and his eyes widens when he puts the book before him. “I think Changmin should write the lyrics this time,” he voices loud and clear. He feels the directed glare Changmin gives to him but he pats Changmin’s back and excuses himself for a coffee.

Another best trait of Changmin, Yunho admits, is how he never backs down. He might falters and cries, but he never stops. He’ll keep himself moving and Yunho isn’t surprise when he enters the room, a good half an hour later find Changmin, with his headphones on—probably putting the music on repeat—and his hand writing fast across the sheets. Yunho smiles and sits down beside him, putting the coffee—caramel macchiato—in front of Changmin as he tries to peer upon the papers. 

His precious little brother smacks his arm—a little too painful for his liking—and mutters, with his eyes fixed on his work, “You’ll see after I’m finish with it.”

Yunho sighs and manages a small smile. He now knows Changmin will be alright.



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