Are you ready to be Changminspired?
You leave me one "word" in my ask box, I try to write a short story with DBSK Changmin, inspired by your word.

The stories can range from funny and innocent to hot and sexy. And sorry somehow I can`t write yaoi. It will be always Changmin/het pairing. Simple as that.

Use my Ask to reach me! Thanks and have fun reading! Comments are welcome.

Feel free to submit your own short stories! I will credit you properly. :D

Let`s have a library of Changmin fictions. :D
I am open for any suggestions!

All stories written by me and others should not be taken out without my consent.
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(단 한 번도 너 없는 내가 될 거라 잠시라도 생각 못했어 언젠가는 시간이 흐르면 아무 일 없었듯이 기억하지 못 하고 다 잊혀지겠지
I couldn’t think, for even one moment, that there would be a time when I would be without you. But as time flows, it will be as if nothing happened and we won’t be able to recollect.)