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The stories can range from funny and innocent to hot and sexy. And sorry somehow I can`t write yaoi. It will be always Changmin/het pairing. Simple as that.

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All stories written by me and others should not be taken out without my consent.
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The cheer of the fans were still audible when Changmin rushed down the stairs of the stage, sweating away all the water he drank an hour ago. One of the roadies got his attention and threw him a towel he caught it in the air. Changmin wiped his face and neck and moved his lean body down the narrow corridor to the backstage area. Somehow he had lost Yunho. It was their first time in Europe and he had been very nervous. The feeling he just had on stage felt like their debuting days. Changmin smiled remembering those days. He was walking pass the Super junior changing rooms when he got a glimpse of what was served on the table and decided to enter.

First he knocked, but there was no reply. Right there in the middle of the Super Junior changing room, a feast of Korean traditional dishes was set in front of his eyes. Changmin looked around hesitated. Why was the food untouched? And where was Kyuhyun, Donghae and all the others? They were not performing right now. Changmin was about to leave but on a second thought he turned back and grabbed one of the spoons lying around and digged into a bowl which looked like bibimbap.

He looked around one last time and shoved the full spoon into his mouth. He closed his eyes and started to chew, but neither the expected flavour nor the satisfaction kicked in, instead a flavour of everything bad and rotten slowly spread in his mouth and Changmin could not control a choke reflex.

Almost out of nowhere Kyuhyun, Sungmin and others emerged, laughing hard at the scene of Changmin coughing hard and spitting into the next best bin in the rooom.

"Hey there, who said you can abuse our bin like that?", Kyuhyun questioned him while laughing.

Changmin turned around, his eyes were red.

"Yah, it was you, am I right?"

Donghae felt a little pity for the DBSK maknae and hold him a bottle of water as part of the reconciliation.

Kyuhyun was still laughing together with Ryeowook, holding his belly. Baiting Changmin with food was always a safe game.

Changmin washed his mouth with the water Donghae had given him and wiped his mouth. His face was all red now.

"Is this your cooking?" he asked his friend, clearly disgusted.

Kyuhyun nooded his head still giggling. The prank was flawless indeed and he had fallen for it. Changmin took another sip from his bottle, glanced back at the food and his stomach churned again and he ran towards the bin. This time Kyuhyun followed him and patted his friends back warmly.

"There are so predictable, Minnie!"

Changmin was still angry at him and tried to push him away, but Kyuhyun just hugged him with a genuine smile which was more than disarming. Changmin could not be angry at his friend any longer.

"Well at least now you tried my famous deadly disgusting food." he whispered to his friend.


Inspired by Changmin and Kyuhyun and mostly by a friend.

I always imagine this is his disgusted face..