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You leave me one "word" in my ask box, I try to write a short story with DBSK Changmin, inspired by your word.

The stories can range from funny and innocent to hot and sexy. And sorry somehow I can`t write yaoi. It will be always Changmin/het pairing. Simple as that.

Use my Ask to reach me! Thanks and have fun reading! Comments are welcome.

Feel free to submit your own short stories! I will credit you properly. :D

Let`s have a library of Changmin fictions. :D
I am open for any suggestions!

All stories written by me and others should not be taken out without my consent.
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Pillow :)

She was stroking his soft hair. It had grown longer the last time they had met. Changmin had cuddled with a pillow in his arms on her lap. It was Sunday afternoon. The 4 o`clock sun was filling the room. She gazed up to the wall and saw the reflections of Changmin`s watch moving. She looked back down at him. The tall man was lost in a peaceful slumber after the late breakfast they had.

She reached her hand out down to his lips and touched him gently. He did not move. She moved her fingers light like a butterfly down to his chin and played with the growing fuzz there. She smiled. He would always take care and shave, but during his days off, she would let him be the way he liked to be.

Her left hand remained holding his chin when she moved a bit sidewards to grab her now cold porcelain cup of Darjeeling tea.  She felt how she did not feel her thighs anymore because the weight of his head. She stroked his hair a bit more and grabbed the next pillow on the couch. In a fast manoeuvre she placed the pillow under his head and stood up to leave for the window when she felt him grabbing her hand.

"Where are you going?"

She looked back at him with a smile. He always looked so cute when he was half asleep. His voice coarse.

"Just to open the window". she said in a protesting manner.

He blinked up at her. One eye still closed.

"arrasso, just come back then." and he cuddled back to the one pillow he was holding ever so tightly.

She smiled.

She opened the window to let the chirping of the birds fill the living room. She placed her empty cup on the windowsill and removed the green cardigan she was wearing. She felt warm. She stretched her legs a bit and walked back to where Changmin was lying on the couch. Suddenly with a mischivious smile he pulled her down and she fell over his chest.

"ahhhhh…" she exclaimed in suprise but she would not complain. Changmin had thrown away the pillow and now was holding her tight halfway over his own body. She moved a bit and nuzzled into the croock of his neck and and wrapped her arm around him. Inhaling his familiar scent.

"This is better", he mumbled.

She pecked his chin instead of saying something and closed her eyes and soon fell into a sweet slumber in his arms.